Thursday, August 9, 2007

I've been Simpsonized!

Ever wonder what you would look like as a character on the Simpsons? I have, a lot, probably too much, I've had recent conversations with Maggie about it. Well, here it is...........

You should do it too:


jomama said...

i'm loving yours! the long, flowing hair, the cute and sophisticated outfit- it's so...well, you!

jomama said...

Dearest D,
thanks for the link to the b&s website. for some reason i hadn't visited their site in a really long time. it was quite a thrill. i especially enjoyed reading stuart's diary. i hope that he, in fact, did write those entries, because if he did that makes me love him even more. (and it also makes me quite jealous. i mean, he already has music-writing talent, why can't he just leave the prose to some of the rest of us poor hacks?)