Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Big 3-0!!!

So, I am 30 now. What do you think of that? Yeah, me too.

The night ended with a wait in line at Magnolia Bakery. After selecting the most perfect of cupcakes, April and I sat in the West Village Park and tried hard to keep my two little candles lit long enough for me to make my 30th wish!

After a delightful Brunch at Cafe Lalo...April and I revisited our Heritage by joining the German Parade on 5th Avenue.

The most perfect thing on Broadway right now is Xanadu!!! We sat on the stage and got glow sticks, danced with the stars, and made our Broadway debut! It was the most fun I have ever had on Broadway, and I have had a lot of fun. I will post a little video clip, but please, EVERYONE go and see this musical!!

And the most perfect person is Mr. Cheyenne Jackson. Some of you might recognize him as the lead in Paul Greengrass's film United 93, but this guy is not all serious. He has an amazing voice and plays Sunny with more finesse than any real 70s star ever could!

HELLO WOODSTOCK!!! We rented a convertible mustang, lovingly called Sally and headed to the place where everyone is a hippie!

Along the way we found quaint old homes, vineyards, and markets. Every little historical marker beckoned to us as we only had time to spare.

Cool Wind in my hair! Driving through the Catskill Mountains was so freeing!!! We saw a few leaves change colors right in front of our eyes. We felt the wind in our pores, felt the cool on our skin, felt a tingling sensation all over.

Tomatoes and Basil at a Farmer's Market in Kingston, New York....the oldest city in New York and its first Capitol.

We ate the best darn apple cider donuts in the East!

And spent some time on the farm.

We took sweet Mustang Sally to Hackensack and a meal at the Cheesecake Factory.

We cranked up the Bon Jovi as we drove across the George Washington Bridge in all its nightly glory. The lights cast a hazy glow on our hair and we breathed in the air that only Manhattan can offer.

Before my flight out to New York, Rebecca and Emily surprised me with the most unusual and creative gift...a Flower Cake! It's a cake made entirely out of Daisies and Carnations. It came complete with candles and ribbon and wafting, delicious smells.

So, I made two wishes this year....

This was the best birthday I have ever had! I am ready to embrace my thirties and live them to the fullest!


Tender Mercies said...

Welcome to the 30s! The best decade so far! So glad you've made it... and I'm so glad you were born, dear D'Arcy!

But I have to ask, were those REALLY the best darn apple cider doughnuts? I happen to remember some from a couple of years ago. At least those were the FIRST best darn apple cider doughnuts!

Ninny Beth said...

I love cafe lalo!!! AND I love look beautiful at 30 my dear! Thanks again for the theater stuff...those 4 year old korean kids never knew what hit them.

Chelle said...

Love all the pics, it makes me feel like I was there, which I was, in spirit. Hooray for the thirties!!?!

Moonbird said...

wow, this looks like fun. It's funny that I talk to you almost every day and we don't know a thing about the trips we go on. (until we go to each other's blogs.) We just have to live in the present together, because there's lots happening then too!

Was Xanadu really the BEST musical you've been to? I'm skeptical and need details to sway me. Cause girl, you've DONE musicals!

Michael! Muffins! said...

...and one of your wishes was that you will come back to Snowcrest.

Or Weber.

Isn't it creepy I found you?!

Read my blog.

You'll understand.

Sincerely, MM.

jomama said...

wow. can i just say, i REFUSE to turn 30 until i can go to new york with you! it looks like you know all the good stuff. please say we can go, please? :)

D'Arcy said...

Jo...should we start planning the 30th birthday celebration? I am always ready!!!