Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remember that Time

Hey remember that time when I gathered all the frost on the car in Florida and made one little snowball? It melted quickly and I had short hair then.

Remember that time when you ran through three red lights to get me home on time for my surprise party, and I gave you a lecture about road rage while I was unlocking the door?

Hey remember when you brought me fresh raspberries on our very first date and you told me the "right" way to let the flavor burst in my mouth.

Remember when you carried your Dolce & Gabanna bag in the Swiss Alps as we hiked?

Hey remember that time when I wrote my journal all in rhyme because I thought it was a dying art? I still do. No one rhymes anymore...

Remember that time when the only place I could find to be alone in New York City was on my small white heartless bathroom floor, and I curled up and had a good cry?

Hey remember that time when that man knocked on the window of the Parisian restaurant and got our attention? We tried to pretend not to notice.

Remember that time I said "I love you" on your broken futon?

Hey remember that when I would only read Austen?
Remember that time when I would only read trashy fashion magazines?

Remember that time when believing in God came easy for me?

Remember when I spoke to the Indonesian students in their own language and it freaked them out?

Remember when she was born?

Remember that time when I lived in the sweetest little Bungalow in Sugarhouse?


Me too.


Chelle said...

Awwww...I do remember the time. And a bunch of others. Good times.

Holly said...

I don't remember exactly those times, but I remember similar times in my own life. They matter, and they're worth remembering.

Michelle said...

I keep thinking back to this post, I really like it.

lazywriter said...

I do have a few choice memories of you...fascinating woman that you are...

Hips Don't Lie said...

Remember that time we made a music video on Christmas Eve? And that time we got closer than two sister's shoud when we went camping and were freezing? hey! Remember that tome all we watched was Gilmore girl's? And that time we hugged on your last day here and we both