Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Follow Your Gut

Risk comes from being alive. And yet, it is something we are taught to avoid. I love taking risks, but not in any traditional sense of the word. You will never find me bungee jumping or skydiving or deep sea swimming with killer sharks or even wearing a tube top (that is a risk! I promise! I have seen it go awry!)

But you will find me changing careers, moving to unknown countries, telling people I love them even when I am unsure what the response with be, standing up for things that are right when they are unpopular, drinking the water in Mongolia, and being true to myself--even if I risk losing those closest to me.

Those are my acts of bravery. They are simple. But simple is not a bad thing.

My new mantra in life has been: "Follow Your Gut"

It's been a difficult road to traverse, because apparently my "gut" likes to take me into uncharted waters more often then the average sailor (sailors, yum). Have these things always worked out the way I expected (remember that time I was unemployed in Portugal and homeless without a dime to my name? Yep. That came from following my gut, by the way)? Obviously, my life has had ups and downs because of my desire to take on the world and experience everything. 

When you follow your gut are you promised riches and bling and unending happiness? Depends. Honestly, I think the world needs more people who have found their passion and followed their "guts" to figure out how that passion can benefit the world.

Ultimately for me, what I have learned the most, is that when you follow your gut--no matter who approves, who applauds, and who calls you crazy--you avoid the tummy ache that inevitably comes from trying to please other people's desires for you (but, God Bless them).

And God bless you (blessings from a semi-agnostic who has no answers about spirituality mean a lot these days, yes?). And I bless you too, bless you that you will figure out what it is you are meant to be doing on a daily basis and then DO NOT WAIT. Start now. Start. Begin. Right now. Stop reading. Go. Get to it. Follow your gut.


Newt said...

I had a prof in transportation engineering for a couple different classes over the course of several years. My last class with him, he said something like "whatever you do, do it with your whole heart. First of all it increases your likelihood of success. Secondly, if you fail, you do not have to live with wondering thoughts about whether things would have turned out differently if you had put in a little more effort or tried a bit harder. If you fail, you know that it was the best you could do." Something like that.

Somehow my brain is connecting this to your post. Like, if you don't do something scary or hard, you will have to live with that lingering doubt that maybe life could be different, better, if only you had taken that risk. If you try and fail, well you know that you tried, and it's somehow liberating to know that you have yourself, truly to blame for something, rather than secretly resenting the circumstances in which you find yourself passively living. I think I'm kinda blabbing these not finished ideas... but it's something like that I guess.

ashley kelemen photography said...

we couldn't be more on the same page with this. I'm watching so many of my friends and loved ones let life pass them by, and I simply refuse to be one of them. love to you.

Mariana said...

thank you, D'Arcy. For the read and the blessings and everything.


toni said...