Saturday, October 20, 2007

Forearms and Biceps and Guitars...oh my!!

Ok, I usually don't do this...I usually don't post about someone who I have recently developed a major crush on. Scottish brogue, plays the guitar like he sold his soul to the Devil, muscles lightly stretching the fabric of his shirt, hair just long enough....but every so often, it's nice just to relish in the dreams and talent of a good looking man! And here he is...Donny Little. When I first saw Paolo Nutini and his band come on stage...Paolo in pants that were really just too small for him..let's face it, I was thinking...will this be worth my money?

But then something odd happened, Paolo started to sing...I guess. I mean, he literally looked like a homeless person suffering from severe osteoporosis the way he was always crouched over...then he held his legs together in an odd fashion, like he had to go to the bathroom immediately! On top of this, he didn't open his eyes at all, ever, and he spit a lot on the microphone. So, with his saliva all over his mouth, hunched over, these kind of odd shape lips and stringy hair, I thought he actually looked a little like Golem from the LOTR movies, really, I wanted to ask him if he was keeping it secret, keeping it safe!

Now, now...the kid IS only twenty or he'll get better. But what was I to do for the rest of the evening?!? I actually began longing for the annoying piano player (opening act) to come back. Oh, she had a decent voice, and I actually didn't mind her music, it was just her small-talk that bothered me. At least Paolo had a Scottish brogue that was all mysterious because I couldn't understand anything he said except something about P.F. Changs...but then my evening was saved when........Donny began to play and I was happy....very, very, very happy.


Dann said...

I also thought Paolo had to go the bathroom and/or was on the verge of collapsing. Unfortunately I did not develop a crush on the guitarist so I ended up getting rather bored and/or sleepy.

Marie said...

What is it about that accent that's so fascinating to American women and so yawn-inducing in American men? I mean, a guy pretty much has to look like Gollum or be a certifiable serial killer to neutralize the effects of his Scottish accent upon U.S. womenfolk. And then on the flipside, British/Irish/Scottish women seem to frighten American men. Maybe it's because the accent sounds educated to US ears and that translates to "she's too smart" in the American man's brain? Or what?? I really would like to know why this is.

mattycake said...

Lovely! There is a certain entertainment value to watching a man writhe in pain/euphoria all night long.

Paolo is a scary, scary lad. But Donny could well be a rock legend in disguise... or in training.