Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Dashing English Professor

"There's something about this suit that squeals, "sexy English professor who will peer at me intently as he takes off his glasses and mutters something like, 'Your understanding of Yeats is unparalleled. I never thought to find such a brilliant mind in such a beautiful woman. This is so unprofessional of me -- SO WRONG -- yet I MUST KISS YOU,' and then we run off to Capri, where he writes things and I do a lot of standing on the balcony in glamourous tunics drinking beverages in crystal flutes whilst being flatteringly backlit." I can't resist that. I LOVE flutes.

As for Angelina, while she often wears black, it is suspected that her look could be a preview of the It Wouldn't Be Right To Be All Wildly Gussied Up At An Event During The Writers Strike epidemic that may currently be sweeping closets all over Hollywood. Jewel-toned cocktail frocks languish in closets throughout the 310! There is a mad run on somber dresses and black shoes! Starlets compete to look The Most Seriously Appropriate! And that could be fun, too. You just know Bai Ling will show up somewhere in a nun's habit, and everyone wins when that happens."


solidcommagirl said...

and I love what brad has been doing with his hair lately.

Chelle said...

I'm just excited to see Brad without his stupid Newsies hat that seemed to have been glued on his head for months. Hooray for hair that can breathe!