Wednesday, March 12, 2008

God is a Big God

Poppy knew from when he was a boy there must be a kernel of truth on every avenue. "Does it make sense," Poppy said, "that any God would choose some people and leave the others out? If only Christians or Jews are right, what about most of Asia and the Middle East? All these millions of people are just--extras? Ridiculous! God's bigger than that!"

Why would God want to be only large enough to fit inside a certain group of hearts? God was a Big God. Once Liyana answered someone that way, but it didn't work very well.

"What religion are you?"

"Big God."

--From Habibi


Chelle said...


mattycake said...

Your God is a Big God.
My God is an Awesome God.
My God...

KB Studios said...

I am coming to visit possibly at the first of August as I help Amy move to Utah to start Law School hopefully:)

They are digital! How about your photographs are amazing! I look at them for inspiration for my weddings:)

Alisa said...

Awesome post. Thanks for giving me a fresh thought today.

Gustav said...

God does not leave out any people - Christians, Jews, Buddhas etc, etc.

God also does not leave out out all living things including dogs, cats and ostriches.

God is everyone and everywhere.

KB Studios said...

well truthfully the blurring came from a low light setting- shooting on A and the flash cataches them and keeps them in focus while the natural hand holding blurs the surrounding. Honestly, I have tried this but this ist he first time its worked.
I shoot with a Nikon D200 ( which I found an INSANE deal on ebay) and I edit with iPhoto and Photoshop.

A house?! Did you buy one> I am thinking of buying one. I will prolly be out there for a week.

Oh I am so glad you have a fun place!