Thursday, May 22, 2008


fresh, crisp, clean, clear, couth, natural, fair, unclouded, flawless, free, brighten, lighten, brilliant, beamy, luminous, lustrous, shiny, cheery, chipper, sunny-side up, keen, sharp, vivd, incandescent, RAW!

So many things about the approaching, anticipated summer can be summed up in the word RAW.

RAW food--I'm going to try out vegetarianism this summer. Beautiful crisp peppers of yellow hues and orange tastes. Tomatoes in cherry, grape, heirlooms. Corn, on the cob and on the bbq. Strawberries with cottage cheese. And yes, finally some RAW milk! I found a resource, now I can actually drink milk!

RAW photos--shooting with my nikon on the RAW setting only. Chubby children, laugh lines, loud guffaws, shy smiles, tenderness, sweat, kicking the soccer ball....and best of all WEDDINGS! All you need is love!

RAW weather--Tuesday on the way to Emily's gig, I had my windows down, driving slowly down the avenue, windows down, hair blowing, a gust of wind suddenly took up a million dry tree buds and blew them in and around my car like I was being blessed with manna from above. The park has called to me. I've answered.

RAW skin--i bought my annual pair of summer sandals, the pair that I will wear out by mid-August. Skin and freckles and toes and legs and sun and shine!

RAW talents--music, music, music, paintings, watercolors, photos, songs, poems, food, parties...the endlessly surprising creations of others--exuding raw talent, make the season bright.


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

You go, girl! I tried vegetarianism once and failed MISERABLY. I really wish I had the self-discipline (I know I'd be SO much healthier).

I like your "RAW" philosophy. Anytime you can get back to nature, back to the source, and strip away any artifice (and pretense) it's ALWAYS a good thing!

(We're headed to the beach for a few days.... hopefully I'll be able to have some beautiful photos to post on my blog when I return.... some raw-nature photos...) :-)

jomama said...

hey, what kind of nikon do you have? i've been coveting one for a long time but i'm not sure which one to go with...
and i love your raw philosophy.
go RAW!
RAW, RAW, sis-cum-bah!

Olivia said...

Fai wanted a Nikon, got a Canon rebel after oggling it for six months...that's the one thing I miss, the trhill of all just blends togther now, vacations, weekends, they're all the same, lol. But I do know what you mean by raw moments, and I love seeing them with Anjali. A few months ago she learned to pick flowers, (during the Florida version of spring) and she became obsessed with it, very adorable and sweet how something so simple to us is amazing to her.

Oh, and here's a good "raw" story for you...for Easter, we took her to a friend's house for an egg hunt. She had a blast. She had learned to "open" eggs when we were dying them with her, so after the hunt, she immediately started to "open" one that wasn't done all the way...that's right, yolk down the Easter dress. She contemplated the runny egg for a few moments, and then started to try for a bite...before daddy snatched it away. Wish we'd caught that one with a camera.

Gustav said...

Dear D'Arcy

All this talk of "RAW" makes my toes twinkle.

The bare pureness of our food, of our laughter, of our smiles, all translatess into being ALIVE.

When we are "raw", we are like bursting flowers.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora D'Arcy,
I always wonder why a piece of fresh fruit, or even dried fruit, tastes so wonderful in a mountain setting, a ridge high above the world, or a by a crystal clear stream singing by. Just the simple act of enjoying something of Natures bounty. No wrappers or instructions or microwaves. Just you and Nature. I like your RAW philosophy. I look forward to reading of your Journey. Kia ora.
Ka kite ano,

Sugar said...

aaaahhhh... the feeling of splashing in waves on my legs or the beauty of a sunset in the sand... RAW unadulterated summer... bring it on!