Thursday, September 25, 2008

For the Beauty of the Earth

What would you do to protect something you loved, something that meant the world to you, something that provided you with solace and comfort and quiet reflections? Something beautiful? Something priceless? Something irreplaceable?

My friend Robb is fighting for New Zealand's Ruahine ranges. Please, take a moment and join us in fighting this cause.

By signing this important petition in the next 5 days your voice can be heard and we can make a difference!!!!

Push to end protection of ranges.

" Energy companies are pushing the Tararua District Council to loosen the rules on wind farm consents, making it easier to build on the ranges.

Genesis Energy, Trustpower, Meridian Energy, and Might River Power have all made separate submissions to the Tararua council, currently up for review. They are campaigning for new policies to make wind farms a priority in the district, and pushing for a slackening of the present guidelines. In the current policy on environmental heritage, the skyline of the ranges in the district is considered a protected natural feature. Trustpower wants this wording cut, with references to the protection of the "skyline of Tararua Ranges, Ruahine Ranges, Puketoi Ranges, and the Manawatu Gorge", deleted from the plan entirely. Genesis wants the council to recognize the importance of developing the wind resource in the district. It also wants a new policy allowing for coastal wind farms. And the Energy Efficient and Conservation Authority, an independent government advisory body, is lobbying for council to accept the necessity of wind farms in rural areas". "Tararua mayor Maureen Reynolds said wind energy has become a big issue in the Tararua since the last district plan review, 10 years ago. The district plan, a blue print for the district's future, is reviewed only once every 10 years. Summaries of the plan submissions can be viewed online at Objections to any submissions can be made until 3 October".


ophelia rising said...

D'Arcy, you're wonderful. And so very kind.

May you always have happiness, love, health, and friendship.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora D'Arcy,
Thank you for caring and questioning. If the times we are living in are not reason enough to seriously challenge how big companies operate and what is really happening in our world then we are not truly connected to reality. Bob Dylan's words ring truer than ever, "the times they are a changin". I might also add from Bob, "You don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing".
D'Arcy, kia ora for adding your voice to help preseve wild places where possibility still exists.

Rowena said...

D'arcy, I would love to paint a Flying Girl for you. What would you like? I like the idea of making it personalized. I can't reach your email, either. I may just be having technological stupidity, though.

contact me at rowena dot murillo at gmail dot com