Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Write My Own Love Songs

When you're young and impressionable, you believe that one of the most romantic things that could happen to you is that your love would inspire a song. Yes, that you will have a romance of bibilcal proportions, that you will be a MUSE (!!!!!!!), that you will inspire poetry and agnst, and large consuptions of alcohol!


But, honestly, that's never happened to me. I never seem to leave a very large mark on past loves, though most of mine still haunt me in some way. So, when my friend Emily asked me to compose a song for her latest album, I decided that I would take my last love and pretend to write a song that maybe I could have inspired. I know, so pitiful it makes you think I'm a bit off in the head. And if you don't know by now, I'll confess, I'm a bit off in the head.

But this was fun. We'll be putting it to music soon and singing it. Until then, I'd like to know your thoughts on a proper title. I have a few ideas, but want to see what you can come up with:

I dreamed a liquid dance
And danced a golden dream
of cherry blossom cheeks
And super nova powers that taste like cream

Digging deep rather than digging wide
our secret confessions and that
stellar explosion inside

woo ooh ooh (or something like it)
woo ooh ooh

What a chance for romance, you
Know I like making love.
Like Alobar and Kudra
With the perfume of a jitterbug.
In the light of the dawn, in the
Dawn of the day we'd still
have secrets to spare,
and skin to skin shows how much we care.
Holding your hand with the palm staring up at me.
The lines run deep like stellar streams,
They tell tales of cherry blossom cheeks,
And super nova powers that taste like cream

This is the song you'd write me
If you wrote songs
These are the words you'd say
If words came that way
This is the life you'd paint
if living were art, but your colors
have faded from my redblue heart

A guilty god watches over me,
And the Paris wind freezes our liquid dream,
But I have the cherry blossom cheeks
And I'm the super nova that tastes like cream.


jomama said...

what a great idea to write a love song to yourself! goodness knows the man in my life is not a song-writing type.
such beautiful imagery.
i love the cherry blossom cheeks. :)

Olivia said...

*sigh* loved it. Title: "Tastes like Cream" "Cherry Blossom Song" "Super Nova Powers"...

If you never get someone else to write you a love song, you'll always have this one!

I never wanted a song, I wanted a poet. And I got Fai :) The phrase "exceeds expectations" comes to mind. Moral? You don't always want what you think you want. The one poem he wrote started as a joke, and while it'll never be a classic by the end it had me tearing up.

Stina said...

"Stellar Supernova"

Marta said...

How do you know you've left little mark? They wouldn't be likely to tell you. I mean, I'd lose a limb before I'd ever admit to a past love that he had stayed in my mind for longer than a day after all was said and done. (One hopes they don't find my blog!)

You never know what drifts through anyone's mind as they wait for sleep and they think of what might have been...

And I've never had a song written for me. Or a poem. Or even a blog post as far as I know.

Sugar Jones said...

Your talents no no bounds. What an amazing poem of a song. I'd love to hear it to music.

I wonder who you could be talking about...

PS: I love that you are a bit off!!

Beth said...

I really love this. It is so beautiful!

Hmm... as far as a title goes... you could probably just pick any of the fantastic lines of imagery and make that the title!

I totally wanna hear it when!

Ruahines said...

Kia ora D'Arcy,
I await the cd! Ah Music!!!!!!

Stella said...
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D'Arcy said...
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Steve and Jenn Fletcher said...

I like "Cherry Blossom Cheeks" or "Frozen Dream"...maybe. I don't know.

Yeah, like the others, I want to hear the music, so get on that.

Rowena said...

I once had a guy write a poem for me, but he just had a crush, and it never went anywhere.

I once wrote a poem for a guy, and it freaked him out and he left.

Writing a poem/song for yourself sounds like an excellent thing.

D'Arcy said...

I agree, Rowena, I agree.

I'm tired of waiting around for other people to do things I am perfectly capable of doing on my own.