Monday, February 23, 2009

The Best Thing About the Oscars (Part Deux)

1. HUGH JACKMAN. HUGH JACKMAN. The man is an Australian who played an Australian in a film called Australia. If that is not acting range, I don't know what is. PLUS we got to see him do what he does best, sing and dance, tap and woo, and just be Hugh. And while most love it when he's all muscled up and kicking ass, I just love to see his sentimental dreamy side in a coat and tails.

2. BEN STILLER's impersonation of the freaky sleaky Joaquin Phoenix. "I just don't want to be the funny man anymore." Too bad Natalie Portman isn't as good at comedy as Ben, but it was still a good laugh.

3. Anne Hathaway's dress and VOICE! Oh, her and Hugh really pulled that number off delightfully. It's still depressing to me that because of conflict schedules Anne wasn't able to be in The Phantom of the Opera and we are stuck forever with Emmy Rossum.

4. The way the camera kept focusing on Brad and Angelina the whole time that Jennifer Aniston was presenting. Very tacky Academy, very tacky.

5. The new way of personalizing the presentations was simply moving. Having past oscar winners come out and give indivdualized recognition to each of the nominees was such an AMAZING idea that I can't believe they hadn't done it before.

6. The entire cast of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. If that's not indication of the law of attraction, I seriously don't know what is. I am so glad a happy, moving movie actually won this year (what with gory and depressing The Departed and No Country for Old Men winning the past two years.)

7. LET'S JUST SAY IT ALL TOGETHER NOW: THE MUSICAL IS BACK!!! What great numbers! I loved it!

8. I did miss having each of the musicians actually play the nominated songs. I missed it so much that I acutally missed the part where someone won for that? I can't even remember who it was? Not memorable at all!

9. Tilda Swenson is still as freaky looking and freaky dressing as ever. What will it be like when her eyes are no longer PEIRCING into mine with an intensity that burns me to the core??

10. THE FASHION!!! People played it safe and classy this year. And while I always like seeing a few crazies to make things interesting, it's also nice when all the women and men (wait a second, Mickey Rourke DID give us some eye candy! Oh yeah, and seriously PSH? You COULDN'T remove the beanie for the Oscars? Seriously...) are flawless.

Tops on my list were always and forever Nicole Kidman, she can do no wrong in my book (and I TOTALLY want to do my hair like that!) Viola Davis was stunning. Penelope Cruz's vintage dress was breathtaking. I also like Marisa Tomei and I just love Kate Winslet...even if her hair was a bit helmety.

P.S. --Sophia Loren, I can't find a photo of you right now. But you officially scare the shit out of me. Officially official.

P.P.S.--Kate when your dad whistled so that you could know where he was, that was seriously awesome and kind of choked me up a bit.


Stina said...

I agree with everything! I absolutely loved how they did the acting presentation awards, Ben Stiller and Kate Winslet's dad. I felt so bad for Jennifer Aniston the whole time she was up there. Overall, a very glamorous Oscars! I loved it!

Kristan said...

OMG DITTO TO ALL OF IT! Except I somehow missed Sophia Loren... I'm going to have to YouTube that, I suppose.

Steve and Jenn Fletcher said...

I didn't watch it at all, so thanks for the highlights.

Did Hugh Jackman do a good job? I mean, he is so very nice to look at, but he isn't all that funny. Not Billy-Crystal-funny. You know what I mean? Did he pull it off? I did worry about that because I like him soooo much.

Hey, It's Ansley said...

I totally agree. I loved it all especially the past winners speaking to the nominees, and of all of those, the amazing Shirley MacLaine's presentation to Anne Hathaway.

Gustav said...

Excellent commentary D'Arcy.

Hugh is a class act and it was a different Oscars this year. Change can be good.

Rowena said...

Great recap. I didn't get to see it all, and not near enough of the gowns, but this is fun.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

i LOVE this post!
I have an "unofficial" poll about how Hugh did over at my blog (everyone please come share your thoughts...)

Hugh was altogether AMAZING. (And I don't even LIKE musical theater, but boy did I like him!!)
And Anne Hathaway - oh my goodness! She was wonderful!
And YES! I loved the personalization of recognizing the nominees... so VERY intimate, it was.

And the Slumdog cast, etc.... a very special night indeed for ALL of them! I can't wait until that movie comes out on DVD so I can purchase it!

I couldn't agree wtih you MORE about Tilda ... I looked at my husband and said "What is up with the hefty bag doubling as a blouse? And why is she trying to mind control me through the TV?"

As far as the fashion, Frida Pinto was my favorite, but then again, she's breathtakingly beautiful.

And last, yes, when Kate Winslet's dad whistled, it was absolutely precious. :-)

How can you NOT love Oscar night!!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I found you from HappyWifeHappy Life. I la loved when Kate Winslet's dad whistled. I started to cry and am getting choked up right now thinking about it. Sooo precious.

Loved your list so much!! I must be slow because I didn't get what Ben Stiller was doing although I thought he was hilarious. Please explain!!! Good thing Natalie Portman is so darn cute because that's what saved her.

I'm sorry to say Tilda Swenson scares me to my core. Ahh

Freida Pinto is my new fav. Such a beauty. I thought it was great that Danny Boyle publicly apologized to the person he left off in the credits of Slumdog.

Nothing like being petty about the Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie situation. Get over it. It's been how long now?

Much love from NJ,

D'Arcy said...

Sue WELCOME! I am so excited to have you reading here!

Ok, you have to go to YouTube and type in Joaquin Phoenix Interview and the first hit that comes up is his recent interview on David Letterman. He was clearly high on something. He got angry and upset and stuck his gum on Dave's desk and was dispondent and all around freaky.

Watch it. It's unbelieveable!!!!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Thanks D'Arcy! I watched it and was floored. WTH was he doing!! At first I thought he was faking but then in the middle toward the end I don't think he was. Dave Letterman mentioned Farrah Fawcett and I remember she made an odd appearance a long time ago too. Can't they just hold off doing drugs until AFTER a tv appearance? Doesn't seem too hard to me!!! Thanks for clearing that up for me. I.just.didn'!!!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Loved your recap D'Arcy. Perhaps because we agree on almost everything. I was so amazed the next day that there were many bad reviews that did not like the same things we loved. We even liked the same dresses.

My 19 year old daughter, a muscial theatre major, is very happy about the musical comeback.