Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Antlers...need I say more?

That's right, during our weekend in Jackson Hole, April and I ventured to the ANTLER RENDEZVOUS (does the word RENDEZVOUS hold no more beauty and charm!)

An Antler chandelier to light your finest dining adventures.

A nice antler lamp for the library, to read stories of hunting and espionage.

Want a lovely, romantic, candlelit dinner for two? Nothing says romance like a nice matching set of Antler candlesticks (and yes, I believe that stuffed raccoon IS holding a cracker jack box).

Want to cut your pizza with finesse? Any Antler cutlery will do!

Wine + Antlers = Decorating Bliss!!

Frame that family photo in the frame that keeps on giving.

Nothing says "Celebrate the Holidays Wyoming Style" like an Antler wreath.

No need to cut down greenery for a Christmas Tree. This Antler reusable tree is green enough!


Fletch said...

I've been in that store before. I'm now kicking myself that I didn't buy one of those awesome pizza cutters. I could use a little finesse in my life right now.

(Seriously, WHO buys that stuff?)

Ruahines said...

Kia D'Arcy,
For some reason this post makes me very HORNY! Sorry I couldn't resist.

Chelle said...

Wow. I really hope you got me something with a little antler flair. Or the raccoon with cracker jacks. Freakin' adorable.

Stina said...

We got a set of the antler cutlery for our wedding! It is ridiculous!

little miss erika said...

Oh wow!

This makes antlers not look so scary! I grew up around giant buck heads all over the walls (at friends' homes, not mine, thank goodness!) and antlers knocking on our windows at night as deer munched on our bushes.

Still a little bizzarre, but fun!

arbee said...

Wow! I mean WOW! I guess I just got some decorating ideas for my new digs...

p.s. Come on down anytime!

Nubian said...

Had to be expensive... do you think Wal-Mart might carry a similar line? ;)

ophelia rising said...


Kristan said...

Lol wow, that's... a lot of antlers!

Holls said...

Um.. ew.

Marta said...

I just want to say two things.

I'm sorry I've not been able to stop by your blog more. I've missed it.

and two

All those antlers are disturbing.