Friday, February 19, 2010


(Cute little Mongolian kids who spent the day with me being happy and taking photos)

Are we conditioned from a young age to be unhappy?

Do we choose to be sad, depressed, and more miserable than we should because we've been brought up to realize that we get something from it? From a young age, a child can sense that when she is unhappy, everybody is sympathetic towards her, and she gains sympathy. Everybody tries to be loving towards her, and she gains love. And when she is unhappy, everybody is attentive towards her and she gains attention. And attention works like food for the ego.

If everybody is looking at you, then do you become important?

When a child is well and perfect and happy, are people less attentive towards this child? It seems to me, as I've been observing behaviors lately that this is entirely true, and thus people become conditioned to choose to be a bit more sad, sick, miserable, and have more problems...because when you have problems, then people pay attention to you.

On the other hand, whenever you are happy and joyful, when you feel estatic and blissful...does it seem like you are met with jealousy? Do people look down upon you or do you feel negativity coming from those who aren't happy?

If you are miserable, no one will really think you are mad. If you are dancing and ecstatic and happy and singing...EVERYONE will think you are mad.

I think that Society has a hard time accepting ecstasy. Ecstasy is the greatest revolution you can be apart of. If people become ecstatic, the whole society will have to change because our society tends to be based more on misery. If people are blissful you cannot lead them to war. Someone who is blissful will just laugh and say: This is nonsense! If people are blissful, you cannot make them obsessed with money. This too, becomes nonsense!

Misery seems to be downhill; ecstasy seems to be uphill. It looks more difficult to reach. But it is not so. It's quite the opposite. Ecstasy is downhill, misery is uphill. Misery is a hard thing to achieve, yet most people have done it. It's antinature. No one WANTS to be miserable, yet everyone has been at some point or other.

So, feel your anger. Then move on. Feel your sorrow. Then move on. Be alert. Be aware. And start choosing to be happy and blissful. Because if you keep choosing misery in your life, then somehow or other, you feel that it is serving you in some way.

**(these are notes to myself...and what I've spent a good portion of my day thinking about)

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Newt said...

I found you!

Well... I kind of feel the opposite. Like I've been conditioned to be happy, that I'll get more love and acceptance if everything is 'ok' and if I'm helping others to be happy too. Sometimes it's really hard for me to share sadness or weakness with other people.