Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Mexican in Switzerland

Let's face facts. If life were fair, I would have been Mexican. If I were Mexican my life would have many aspects that it now lacks. If I were Mexican, I would know what it's like to be TAN! I wouldn't have to put SPF 10,000 on every time I go out under the sun. I wouldn't always have these super red cheeks. I could have long-brown-soft-thick-straight hair. People would actually be able to see my eyebrows without me having to paint them on (though, in regards to leg hair, it's been pretty nice to be this fair!). I'd speak Spanish fluently. My hips might be more appreciated. I'd probably be just a little shorter, which would be cool.....and maybe, just maybe I'd finally have that penchant for latin dancing that is missing in my blood. Plus, I could roll my Rs like Charro.

But why I REALLY think I should have been Mexican is because tortillas are what I dream about at night (even more regularly than Hugh Jackman). A good enchilada (and even a bad one) wins my heart over any boy. Rice and Beans are like Air and Water to me. I would eat this kind of food all day, every day, and then some. I would bathe in Sour Cream if I could. I would shower in Salsa. I would wash with Guacamole (these are not appetizing metaphors I'm using, so I'm gonna stop!)


THERE IS NO MEXICAN FOOD IN SWITZERLAND. I have found ONE section of ONE store in ONE tiny town that has some SALSA. It's called, as you can see from the photo, "Chunky Salsa Dip", did anyone ever think that salsa could sound unappealing? Yeah, me either...but there you have it. And let me tell you, it is NOT good. I don't know what it is made of exactly, just some stewed tomatoes or something? It's a tragedy really. AND IT COST ME 6 DOLLARS FOR A SMALL SMALL POT. If this country didn't have chocolate croissants I'd....And yeah, I have a feeling that my semi-annual trips home will be spend sleeping in the Cafe Rio parking lot....


Ruahines said...

Kia ora D'Arcy,
That jar looks really disgusting, I wouldn't dishonour a tortilla with that. Gustav and I have a friend who made, makes, the best homemade salsa I have ever had. I will get the recipe for you, but I do recall it was pretty easy, the key ingredient being cilantro - which may be problematic over there. Good Mexican food is pretty non existant here in New Zealand as well. If I had the desire to work long hours I would start a restaurant, but getting the Kiwi palate used to real Mexican food, as opposed to Taco Bell would be a chore. Stay tuned. Kia kaha.

D'Arcy said...

Robb, it's seriously disgusting. It makes me sad as there was a little place in Utah I would buy the homemade stuff from. I need a good recipe my friend so if you have one for me, send it on!!

Julie said...

was the ONE store migros? sebastian and his friend from zuerich both say that they probably have one. but you may need to go to sion or a bigger city. i found on-line a place to check if you are ever in zuerich:

good luck!