Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Comfort and Cheer

There is something quite delightful and Christmasy about getting unexpected gifts...when least expected. For the past two days I have been surprised with a cup of cocoa when I most needed it. Yesterday was full of business, lack of food, abundance of stress, political thoughts even though I tried not to think them, itchy sweater, spotted glasses that won't come clean, accidently listening to NPR when I forgot I promised myself not to, students not doing their work, parents blaming me for their students not doing their work, ugly hair, no make-up, listening to Modern English and having no one to "melt with", no clean clothes to wear, new computer equipment to figure out, no money, not completing any Christmas shopping, unfinished articles to write....and then in walks a ray of sunshine with a Hot Cocoa with MARSHMALLOWS and a rice crispie treat, just for me. It's been a long time since someone did something that sweet just for me.

I thought today would be better....and it was exactly the same, even down to the itchy sweater (a different one, I need to stop buying wool)...again I listened to NPR and it was all about sweatshops and child labor and the GAP and Wal-Mart and I had more students not do their work and more people blame me and I felt like I missed my calling as a secloistered (or is it sequestered?) Catholic nun, when yet again...an unexpected cup of hot cocoa magically appeared from Santa's Little Helper.

So to that person, dear friend, I thank you. You've made a huge difference in my week.

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Chelle said...

D'Arcy! Maybe you wouldn't make such a good nun! So far you are not following your no NPR vow! No learning about that stuff till Jan 2. Only fluffy stuff. About bunnies or something.