Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day!

My school called a Snow Day today and I am not prepared!!! I have nothing in the fridge to eat, I have no good movies to watch, I have no desire to sleep in because I went to bed on time last night, I have no papers here to grade, I have no projects I feel like working on! Ahhhh, help! It is only 7:00 am and I have already eaten breakfast, emailed all of my friends on facebook, added the new application where it sketches you, and read the morning newspaper.

For the first time in a very, very busy life I have NO idea what to do! Michelle, I wished you lived closer!

So this is going to be a day long entry I have decided--I am going to record exactly how I spend my free day-

After doing all of the above mentioned items.......

**I made at least one smart comment on all my friends' blogs.

**I went in and woke up my sister and she told me all about the two most fabulous dates she has had the past two nights....I am in love with this guy too now.

**I made her breakfast, including some hot chocolate in a new thermos. I made it extra hot so she could have it all day long. She came down and tried to drink out of the thermos (and you can't do that, it's a strictly pouring thermos as I found out yesterday in my car!) and she spilled hot chocolate all over her posh bebe shirt, and proceeded to burn the skin on her face so badly, that it is now super red on her chin and in the shape of Texas.

** I then proceeded to be really independent and snow plow my entire driveway. For those of you who have seen my driveway, you know it is about a quarter of a mile long and has a steep hill and we got over a foot of snow yesterday. You also know that I rent a basement apartment from my parents and I love it. They hardly charge anything, they leave me alone (yet it so beats actually living alone, as I have done a lot in my life), and I get to have a space larger than my entire New York apartment while I am saving up for a house (probably this year!!!!). One of the perks of this is that my dad, bless his heart, wakes up on all the snowy mornings and clears the drive way and the cars of both my sister and I. So, as my parents are out of town, I am holding down the fort.

**Proceeded to curse like a sailor for about 20 minutes, kicked the damn snow blower that would NOT blow snow, got my shovel, and continued to curse for another 20 minutes until my neighbor, with a working snowblower, was sick of all my profanity and offered to come and finish up the driveway that I had barely touched. This is not an exaggeration!

**Now going to watch The Invasion with Kidman and Craig.


Moonbird said...

LUCKY YOU! Watch old movies! Read all your favorite books! Yay for snow day... :) Can you believe how deep the snow is in our neighbhorhood?

Marie said...

I love snow days -- shall I ever see one again? I love that you were cursing like a sailor. But to curse at the very snow that saved you from going to work -- such ingratitude!

Gustav said...

I have serious snow envy now.

You may find this ridiculous but I yearn for a day where I am snowed in and all I can do is watch old black and white movies like Casablanca or old Hitchcock movies and eat popcorn.....