Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tag! You're It

(Hey, remember Tag from FRIENDS? He was cute)

A little blogger tag continues to go around. I have been challenged by Marie, and have gladly accepted said challenge. I am never one to back out on a challenge--except when snow and snow plows are involved.

The challenge is about my life, which is probably not as interesting as some political rant I could go into, but bear with me. I am to report seven things that most people out there reading might not know about me. goes

1. Once upon a time I was an extra in Spice World. I lived in Paris when the Girls of Spice were very popular and as I was walking down the Champs Elysees there they were, all hanging out the top of a huge limo (and hanging out of their tops too!). A man from Jersey started hitting my arm and saying "Hey, looka there! It's that band, it's the Spice G-ay-ls. Later, they were filming and I went and stood in the huge crowd adoring them, cheering wildly, even though I had never heard "I'll Tell Ya What I want....what I really want...." and I didn't know how spice could be sporty or posh!

2. Picture the rosy cheeks, the long, blond adoring curls, the white frock with smocking on it, and then picture this little girl with something devious in her eyes. The only thing I have ever stolen in my life was a piece of banana laffy taffy from the 7-11 in Kaysville, Utah. It was a penny. My father wouldn't buy it for me. I put it in my pocket. I took it out in the car and began to eat it. I asked my father to read me the jokes on the wrapper. My father turned the car around. As a four year old I had to face the tall, mullet sporting, grease-face 7-11 worker on my own and tell him I was a thief. My eyes barely reached the counter top, I slid the penny across the counter and the dude, apparently wanting to teach me a lesson said, "Hey kid, stealing's really like wrong."

3. I have dialed 911 once and I have given CPR once. The CPR story was quite wild and crazy and rampant! Picture a little old lady akin to Mrs. Clause, and now picture Mrs. Claus having a heart attack and then picture me giving her mouth to mouth. One wintery evening, I was ushering a play at BYU so I could see it for free. In the midst of the play Mrs. Claus got up and began to walk out, she was accompanied by rapid breaths and palid complextion. I was worried. I followed her out into the hall and, like a scene from a movie, she passed out right as my arms were there to catch her. Then, Mrs. Claus stopped BREATHING!!!! I gave her CPR as I yelled for the security guard to call 911. No one inside the play even heard me, or checked on her! Poor Mrs. Claus.

4. I love famous peoples lives, although I know it is a sick form of voyerism and completely horrific and shameful for me to admit. Because of this, or in spite of this, I have had several odd and heartwarming interactions with famous people, especially while living in New York. I tripped Mike Meyers and he fell down in Tribeca (it was an accident!), I literally walked out a door and hit Sandra Bullock in the NY Public Library, her body guard tackled me. Paul Bettany opened the gate for me at Union Square park. I asked Denzel Washington what the weather was like in California. I asked Hugh Jackman for a hug and he obliged ( I have the picture to prove it, I think I'll post it up here!) I told Billy Crudup he had bad handwriting. The list goes and on and on and on. I can't even mention what happened with William Hurt and myself in the Paris metro station!

5. I have broken the law twice in famous museums. I set the alarm off at the Louvre when I jumped over a barrier to get a closer look at Napoleon's toothbrush. The armed guards quickly ran towards me. I thought I was going to have to spend months in a Marie Antoinette's cell. Later, having learned no lesson at all, I waited unitl I was the only person in a certain room at the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam and then I touched Vermeer's Milkmaid in the very corner of the canvas. The bottom right corner to be exact. Yes, I have actually touched a VERMEER!!!

6. I lie A LOT! For some reason I can't help myself. When I travel, it gives me a chance to tell strangers exciting things that I wish were really my life. I also do really good accents, so I have been from South Africa, England, Ireland, and France. I make up jobs and incomes and houses and past experiences. I make up spouses, I make up adventures, and just ask Michelle. It comes very, very easily! I love to lie! But, at least I am telling the truth about my lies, so that's somethin' right!

7. I have never had the courage to say "I love you" to anyone I have ever cared about in a romantic fashion.


jomama said...

i remember you telling me about that old lady in the play. at the desk you were always considered the one who got the crazy patrons, and the one who always had crazy stuff happen to her! remember that girl who came into the bathroom to ask if you worked at the desk? i think it's funny that you lie, your life is already about 10x more exciting than anyone i know!

Marie said...

I guess the big question is, if we accept that #6 is true, then can we believe #4? However, if #4 is true, I'm highly jealous. I want Paul Bettany to open the door for me.

What did Mike Myers say when you tripped him?

I also love that you gave CPR to Mrs. Claus. Did you get really good Christmas presents the next year?

Hey, It's Ansley said...

I found your blog through Marie but reading your secrets I really wish I had known you in SLC. So interesting and amusing. I definitely want to hear more of the travel lies.