Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Best things about the Oscars......

1. Was imagining that that short little Jew was my husband, or my lover, or anything where I can spend hours upon hours adoring him. I love Jon Stewart in an inexplicable way....his joke about Titler alone melts my cold heart.

2. Tilda Swenson's evil eye....she frightens me and so does her stylist. I have no desire to see Michael Clayton, I about fell asleep in the previews....so I can't say much about her apparent talent.....I just keep coming back to those eyes....

3. Um, who invited Billy Ray's daughter to THE OSCARS!!!!!! No people! No! Ratings going down, down, down!!!!! I have an achey-breaky heart from this!!!

4. Anne Hathaway's perfect red dress....worn with a ponytail. A girl who can pull off this amazingly girly dress and look all dewey and innocent and pull off a ponytail at the same time is a girl I like...and apparently so does her mate...look at the pride he is taking in working that carpet!

5. Colin Farrell looking all drugged up and messy again and almost falling as he slipped his way to the podium. That's always a good time.

6. Tom Hank's botox job. Daniel Day's brown shoes and black tux...along with Rebecca Miller's huge circumference of jewels on the center of her bosom and were those red bows on her shoulders?? I am trying to imagine in what type of lighting this dress was chosen? I now want Daniel, Rebecca, Tim, and Helena to throw a party together--imagine that! I must add, lest you think me cruel, that DDL is perhaps one of the most eloquent people on the planet. If he would have said to me what he said when even accepting an Oscar, I'd marry him. Ok, we all know I'd marry him anyway, but being eloquent helps!!!

7. The most stunning Nicole Kidman....always taller than her spouse, poor dear, but does she know how to wear a strand of diamonds!! I'd like to be her, just for a day.

8. That darling French actress who came dressed like Ariel from Little Mermaid. She was so sweet. "Thank you life! Thank you love!!" Heaven knows I'd say the same in French if I were almost speechless. In fact, I will.... "Merci La Vie! Merci L'Amour!!!"

9. JAVIER BARDEM--------JAVIER BARDEM---------JAVIER BARDEM----I had sweet dreams about JAVIER BARDEM------Who, if you asked me, looked exceptionally like Jeffery Dean Morgan....I'll post pictures, don't worry....seriously, they could be twins right? Oh, Denny....why did you have to die!!??!!!??

10. The absolute highlight of the evening, the one thing I ended up really caring about was that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova would win the Oscar for song. And they did!!! Art is alive!!! Have hope!!! You poor Dubliners.....you will one day eat cake!!!!


arbee said...

re: 9 - I thought the same thing! I kept saying to myself...is that Denny? Nope, but it sure looks like him. YUM! :)

Got Bombshell? said...

We had a lot of the same thoughts, aside from my loving l'enfant Cyrus' dress and hating Anne Hathaway's. I had forgotten to mention Nicole Perfect Kidman on my blog, so thanks for giving her some much-needed snaps! Oh, and I don't like Javier, but am a fan of cute Denny. Probably just because I saw the train-wreck "No Country" and his misguided bob. Oh, and ditto on "Once!" I adore it!! And them!

Dann said...

It's true, Javier is one good lookin' cat in real life. But as Chigurh with that haircut, he became immortal.

Marie said...

Anne Hathaway's dress is pretty, but I can't stand her and therefore the dress is tainted merely by its contact with her annoying dewy-skinned self.

I didn't know when I left my long gushy Jon and Danny comments on Ansley's blog that I was in competition for them with you. Duel at high noon. Winner take both.

I had missed Nicole's outfit -- that's one spectacular sparkly! She pulls it off well, but somehow I think I would have liked it a bit better with a more vibrantly colored dress. Then again, the woman's renowned for her flawless taste, so who am I to quibble?

Hey, It's Ansley said...

Thought the same thing about Denny.

Love, love love Jon Stewart! For so long now and forever. I heard he proposed to his wife in a crossword puzzle, makes him even better.

And DDL, even in that tux and shoes. I totally agree about his speech, the accent doesn't hurt, "The enchantingly optimistic, open-minded, and beautiful..."