Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just Let It Go!

The amazing bridal shoot did NOT help (although it did turn out beautifully).
Spending time with my CRANKY niece and being able to hand her back over to her mother certainly DID help.
But what helped the most was realizing I just need to let go of it. Not the DREAM, but the fear of the dream.


Jenn said...

D'Arcy, I believe you have found the answer you've been searcing for. And in this feeling, I often think of a book (actually it's a performance anxiety book from my music school days) and a phrase in it: Let it come, Let it be, Let it go. As you said and as the book tells, don't let go of the feeling, just of the fear of the feeling...and bask in what it can do for you instead of letting it work against you. Have a wonderful day! Love ya'!

Steve and Jenn Fletcher said...

Hooray! Let go of the fear! (And the unrealistic expectations, too, which was what I was getting at yesterday...I did NOT mean for you to give up your dream.)

PS...What the heck does "lol" mean? I still don't know. (And now I feel like an idiot.)

Steve and Jenn Fletcher said...

By the way, I love the heading pictures on both today's post and yesterday's. They are breathtaking! Well done.

Olivia said...

What's that saying? "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans" ? Yeah, that sounds right. A few years ago I went to the wedding of my best friend's mom (who is old enough to be your mom, I might add). I don't think there can be an age limit on falling in love, and when you meet the guy you know you can marry, do it. But don't stress about it. :)

jomama said...

i'm so glad that you feel better. and your shots from the bridal shoot are fab! i love the pink balloons, they're so happy!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Great photos - have you read 'Creative Visualisation'? Your pictures made me think of it because one of the techniques involves thinking about what you want, visualising it in a pink baloon and letting it go - in other words releasing all the fear and stress you've associated with not having what you want, and trusting that life/the universe/god (or whatever your belief) will bring it to you.

Michelle said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I admire you're honesty and courage D'Arcy!

Rowena said...


Stina said...

I got on the bandwagon too late for your last post, but I am so glad to comment on this one! I told you your blog was like therapy! If you have a dream, don't give it up, fall into it and visualize it -- the Secret!

I loooove your photography. Both the beautiful bride and the cranky baby!

Chelle said...

You do much better with all the weddings you photograph than I ever would. I love the pic of the bride running.

I think it's okay, every now and then to give up on a dream for awhile, maybe ignore it and not let it stress you out. Sometimes focusing on something too much gets emotionally exhausting for me, and taking a break is good. It helps me just to re-prioritize things a little and focus on things I can do.

I thought I was giving up on the dream of marriage, kids, etc., when I left Utah and moved to New York. It turns out that I just changed my dream (A LOT) but a lot of those goals still exist, just in a different form. It varies by the day how much time and mental energy I am able to give these things, contrasted with my other goals in life. I think getting rid of the fear, in any situation, is the best thing you can do. Then it seems like good things just happen.

ophelia rising said...

By His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

Never give up.
No matter what is going on, Never give up.
Too much energy in this country
Is spent developing the mind, instead of the
Develop the heart, be compassionate.
Not just to your friends, but to everyone.
Be compassionate, work for peace,
In your heart and in the world.
Work for peace
and I say again, Never give up.
No matter what is happening
No matter what is going on around you,
Never give up.

(Ophelia here - and, yes - just let it go!)

D'Arcy said...

Jenn Fletcher--lol means laugh out loud...i usually just put --ha ha. and you've used hee hee...same stuff...we should create our own like


(that means--Jenn and D'Arcy at it again!) then we don't have to keep apologizing for our back and forth banter, we can just put that!!

And thanks about the photos--I'd love to take some of your kiddies one day!

D'Arcy said...

You guys have made my day!!! Thank you!! Each and everyone

Kate--interesting about the balloon idea, I have not read that book, I am afraid that inspiration came from an episode of Sex and the City---so much less poetic than visualization. I like that symbolism a lot!!

Steve and Jenn Fletcher said...

Hey...I think you should come for a visit! I would love for you to take my kids' pictures!!! Love it, love it, love it!

And I love your acronym.

But I cannot believe your blogging-stamina. I am literally exhausted (not from reading your posts, but from trying to think up multiple, lengthy posts). Are you just trying to get it out of your system before school starts? Are we all going to have to go into D'Arcy-withdrawals come the end of this month?

Sugar said...

Hey Lady... glad to see you are back in the sun again!


Boquinha said...

" . . . let go of it. Not the DREAM, but the fear of the dream." And that's when it happens.