Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Karrie Ann

I've known this beautiful woman since we were both four years old. We were in kindergarten together and I got into trouble more than once when I was caught braiding her hair instead of learning my letters. I was always planning and plotting and getting her in trouble (she was WAY too sweet for her own good) when we were little. We went through junior high and high school together. From studying, to passing notes in the hallway, to jogging miles every day to keep in shape, to photo shoots, to planning our weddings, to broken hearts, to losing loved ones and holding each other's hands during funerals, to wild sleepovers, to skipping school, a million other moments. Her wedding day is here and I couldn't be happier for her. Isn't she beautiful?

You can see the entire shoot here.


Rowena said...


Nubian said...

The pictures are stunning!!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

She is absolutely beautiful! And I can just SEE you saying "Alphabet schmalphabet... let's play!"
You rabble rouser, you.... ;-)

Sugar said...

You know what I noticed on accident? While reading the post above, I only had Karrie Ann's eyes on the screen. They looked... hmmm... I don't think scared is the word... maybe nervous? Then in reading the post, I see that she was getting married. I wondered how she must have felt the moment that photos was snapped. Was she wondering how much her life would change? What she would have to surrender? What she could retain? I scrolled down and saw the rest of her face, including her smile... but the look in her eyes keeps my curious mind going.