Monday, June 25, 2012

Yes. Yes. YES!

"My first word of advice is this, Say yes. In fact, say yes as often as you can. Saying yes begins things. Saying yes is how things grow. Saying yes leads to new experiences, and new experiences will lead to knowledge and wisdom. Yes is for young people, and an attitude of yes is how you will be able to go forward in these uncertain times."

- Michael Hogan
, President of the University of Connecticut.

Sometimes I say no to socializing. I am a loner (but not a scary one in a trench coat carrying a duffle bag). I like to stay at home and work because my focus on my work (which is my passion) is unquenchable. I am a homebody for sure. I travel so much that when I am home, I like to be here. I love my little cottage and the feeling of peace and happiness that sort of wafts over you as you enter. It is a good place to be off the grid. It is safe and warm and comfortable and cozy and full of everything I think I need in this world (except French people). So, many times when people invite me over or ask me out or want to get together or mention a cool exhibit or an awesome concert or hanging in a coffee shop or going dancing or grabbing a drink or a million other things that people do outside their doors, I say no. Work is more important. I am busy. I have this toddler with me now (though she is sort of a legitimate excuse :)  

So, when I read this quote about saying "YES" to things, I thought I was good to go. And then I realized that I do not say "yes" very often to those social gatherings. 

But, that's no big deal right?

I actually do not know. I do not know if my life would be different or if I would have deeper connections with others or if I would have been inspired in some way by some artists that changed my life if I would have just said YES. I just do not know. This not knowing makes me want to start saying yes to things I usually do not say yes to.

I say yes to education. I say yes to travel. I say yes to hard work. I say yes to taking in this little one. I say yes a lot, but I still have one major road block of "NOs" that I want to overcome. One that I think will make my life more tangible.

What about you?

"The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure."

- Joseph Campbell, mythologist, teacher, sage, rad man.

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Melissa Bamfo said...

D'Arcy- I see myself in your post. I too have a little girl I'm trying to raise right, a business I am passionate about building and job I enjoy. It's a lot to handle!! And yet, I feel like there are so many opportunities that present themselves to me and it's easy to just say no. In my situation there are going to be times when I just have to say no. But, I am learning that balance means you have to give a little in all areas. If you sacrifice your social life for your home life all the time, you become socially out of balance. I've had to give myself permission to go to a concert or make a late night run to Denny's with some friends. I am still finding balance, but since I started saying yes a little more, I've had more growth, more connection in my life, and that is ultimately what I want. Great post.