Friday, November 23, 2007

An Enchanted Toast!

Every Thanksgiving the Benincosa Family goes to the newest Disney flick designed to steal our money. Usually I attend and just watch a good movie in my head, created by my own thoughts (which lately have dreamed up some weird things...remind me to tell you about my recent dream). However, this year we were all delighted to find Enchanted so enchanting!! Little singing roaches and New York rats doing dishes (I always knew they could be a powerful workforce!) It was a good time for all, so much so that my niece and I had to go buy the soundtrack today so we could sing and dance to it! "I've been dreaming of true love's kiss...."

The children of the family are really into making toasts this year...and saying "Cheers!!"-- which is something, as we all know, we never outgrow.

Look at those baby blues! Also notice this lizard that became a theme throughout the evening. It had to sit at the table with us, we talked to it, we fed it dinner, and then it almost became dinner** (see below) reality, I have no idea where it came from.

I am afraid that the older generations are passing on to the younger generations a sense of drama that must be applied to every situation in life.

In front of April is the "Thankful Bucket" every year we write down what we are thankful for, and then we go around and read what we were thankful for last year. Some of the good ones from 2006 were:

"That calories don't count on Thanksgiving." --April

"That I wore stretch pants." --Brooke

"That Patrick Swayze became an actor." --D'Arcy

Recording the Gratitude of 2007.

Audra: the cook, baker, designer, hostess, and family Martha Stewart. She deserves lots of good hugs for all she did this year!

This was Casey's true reaction as all of his aunts and his own mother burst into tune. It must have been all that sparkling apple cider, but Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland, Rosemary Clooney, and Debbie Reynolds were all at the table last night!

I had to cheers every time I so much as looked at my drink!


Riding home from the movie last night we were extremely hungry and as ready. We posed for a picture at every stop light...this one was the best, I think.

Audra and Marty dressed their family in strict NY Giants uniforms (can we say mild obsession on the part of my brother-in-law here!!) If I were at all interested in sports, I sport a jersey too!

Auntie D'Arcy, Auntie Brookie, and little Alley! Hmmm, this picture looks exceptionally pink...I don't know what happened.


Chelle said...

I love the dramatic Benincosas! It sounds like it was a fun Thanksgiving! Cute pics!

Moonbird said...


We also very much enjoyed Enchanted.

Hmm... I have nothing more to say about that. Is that the Forrest Gump coming out of me?

mattycake said...

Your family actually has thanksgiving traditions??? Lucky!
Our only tradition is stuffing our faces. And it's a fine one, but we always forget the whole "thanks" part of thanksgiving. Come to think of it, we tend to forget the "giving" part too.

Marie said...

I was surprised at how much we enjoyed Enchanted. The actress pulled off a miracle, making the character charming but not nauseating or ironic. Apparently she was brought up Mormon (until her parents left the church when she was about 12), so maybe we have Mormon culture to thank for that perfect pink innocence.

I like your family's thankfulness activity -- we're not allowed to joke for ours.

Alicia said...

Does the lizard have a name?

D'Arcy said...

chelle: thanks! It was fun, probably not as fun as Glasgow, but still a good time.

moonbird: I have actually never seen Forest Gump, so I don't get the joke. I probably never will as it is always a fall-back answer to "Tell me something interesting about yourself."

matty: believe me, we can stuff our faces with the best of them, howsabout next year we have a little friendly family competition?

marie: interesting, I didn't know there were Mormon roots there. I did know that there were some for Ryan Gosling and Aaron Eckhart (he was at BYU when I was)...I'm always glad when a member of my troop makes it big, whether they're active or not.

alicia: it's Bjorn...with those two double dot things over it!