Thursday, November 15, 2007

Will "Love in the Time of Cholera" Infect Me?

I wonder? Will Love in the Time of Cholera make me sick? Oprah doesn't seem to think so, but I am tired of Oprah. Why is it the hour between my unwinding-from-work-time and my pre-all-the-other-things-I-need
-to-do-time comes between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm and I find myself watching Oprah more than I ever have? (not today though, as it is 4:17!!) She had all these different couples on the other day, all shouting from the rooftops the love that they feel for their amazing life partners.

I desperately wanted to be moved and feel something, because truthfully, I am not against love. I love love. I think love is a many splendid thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love...almost. But, if you don't exactly have love right now, what are you supposed to do with all those love feelings? I fear I have bottled mine somewhere deep that even I am not sure where I have placed them. Sadly, watching this hour in which everyone was crying but me, I felt like the Grinch before he gets a new and bigger heart.

Yes, I DO WANT to see the movie, and not just because it stars a major crush of mine, Javier Bardem..but because I love feeling like deep, connecting loves (as in the novel) exist!! But AH! I am a conflicted soul!!! I DON'T WANT want to see it because it will continue to feed my romantic mind lots of rich food that is just not healthy for it. My mind will get sick and it will vomit and at the end, maybe it will be like I have been infected by some type of love-cholera epidemic.


I hear the cure is to read more about disaster at least I have the cure in hand!


Tender Mercies said...

Have hope, my dear friend!

jomama said...

i'm sick of oprah too! do you ever watch 30 rock? i remember this one line where tina fey's character has been asked if she's religious and she says "no, i just do whatever oprah tells me to." i thought that was funny and so true.

Chelle said...

Is there something wrong with me that I have never really loved Oprah? I feel like maybe I am less of an American woman...

All my love is shoved deep deep down inside too (maybe too far to ever extract it), and only resurfaces whenever I watch love movies, of which I have a large collection. I may or may not have cried last night while watching "Return to Me."

This is probably my favorite of your blog posts so far. Very nice.

Dann said...

I had amazing dream with Oprah just last night. Someone had wrongly accused me of smoking marijuana and thought it best to bring in Oprah to help me. I was very angry because they locked me and this group of 5 year old gangsters in an aisle at Costco while Oprah lectured about how we were throwing our lives away. I'd had enough so I stood up and yelled "Look, I've never done drugs and you need to stop putting my favorite books on your list!" She smiled and said, "Okay, you can go now," and I did. However, I discovered my car had been stolen outside and there was a polar bear chasing me. I am not making this up.

Let's go see this movie.

D'Arcy said...

Tender mercies, you're sweet.

Jomama, I think that is funny. I think Tina Fey also wrote the SNL episode that depicted "Oprah's Favorite Things" giveaway. Women were screaming and crying and at the end when Oprah gives them all a washer and dryer combo, their heads literally exploded.

Michelle, Oprah believes in "The Secret" maybe that's the real reason you don't like her.

Dann, that's insane, why Costco? I get the 5 year old thugs, and the plea to Oprah, but Costco?

My dream consisted of wearing aviator sunglass that were too big for my face (kind of nicole-richie-esque) while riding a yellow cab into NYC and holding Bono's hand. Apparently he was my boyfriend, but I think things were bad because we didn't say anything to each other. Instead, I just talked to the cabbie who kept telling me he used to be Sting. If only all of that had taken place in Costco!! Go potstickers!!!

Marie said...

I thought I'd replied to this posting a few days back -- mmmm... early onset senility. I like that Oprah's cleaned up her act and started using her powers for better things, but her pseudo-religious revivals really creep me out. And selling the Secret, too. And making Hugh Nibley's psycho daughter her personal guru. Bad girl, Oprah.

But I admire what she's done with her book club -- overall I think it's been positive. And the exposure she gave And if I were in the audience on a day she decided to give out free Kitchen Aids, I'd never say a bad thing about her ever again.

I understand your hesitation about reading/viewing romantic stuff. I'm susceptible, too. And then, of course, once you're married and such emotional indulgences are kosher, you're lashed for eternity to a man who will whine about your "chick flicks." I don't know the answer. This is tricky.