Friday, June 6, 2008

All You Need is Love

In keeping the love theme going, I captured this image last week...the couple didn't know, but I am so excited to show them this picture. It makes me smile deeply. I love it most especially because the fingers of each hand are outstretched, and one second after I captured the image, the fingers curled around each other in a comfortable way that familiarity gives. That's one reason I love taking pictures, in some small way, as we snap a camera, we are capturing once in a lifetime moments. And looking back on them, at least for me, helps me appreciate life and feel a deep gratitude for all I have been given...even if it's only tiny moments like this.


Kimbie said...

I feel the need for you in my life!!
Can we meet up sometime this summer? Weekend trip to somewhere?

Ruahines said...

Ten Koe D'Arcy,
Very cool. A stop and ponder photo. Kia ora!
Noho ora mai ra e hoa!

Ruahines said...

Sorry D'Arcy, forgot the a at the end of Ten, so should be Tena Koe which is Ten ah quay, or another form of greeting someone.
Ka kite ano,

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Gorgeous photo, as always!

This language that you speak in is so cool.... can you give me more information on its origins and history? I'd love to know more!

Stina said...

That couple will love such a wonderful candid image!

D'Arcy said...

I agree Robb! I want lessons! Perhaps you could blog about some commonly used phrases, where the language came from, how it connects with you and how you pronounce each phrase.

I, too, am drawn to it, I love the way it sounds (in my head, who knows if I am pronouncing it right or not) and the meaning you give it.

Teach us!!

D'Arcy said...

Kimbie, are you still coming in August?

April and I want to go see Mount Rushmore this you want to come?

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I can guarantee you that D'Arcy and I will both be smart and eager pupils. :-)

Gustav said...

Pictures of people connecting are wonderful.

Keep those pictures coming D'Arcy.

Sugar said...

Great image and color. Looks like a movie!

Ruahines said...

Kia ora D'Arcy and Hwhl,
I am no expert on the Maori language, far far from it. 0ne finds here in Aotearoa very much a mix of the Pakeha - or white culture - and the indiginous people, or the Maori. Which is probably a pretty rare thing amongst formerly colonized countries and maybe more of a result of our relative small population than any move towards unity and brotherhood amongst all races. We still have our issues. I tend to side more with the Maori.
Maori is a very beautiful language, one very connected to the rugged beauty of this land. What I have picked up has been through the exposure mentioned above, and the fact my beloved Ruahines and all contained within it have Maori names and lore attached. So it is much simpler to learn proper pronounciation and meaning than not.
My wife is currently studying Maori at university so I am also able to pick up proper grammatical useage from her and apply it to myself. I will also eventually return to study.
So what I am writing is that I can certainly share with you my limited knowledge and use of Maori, and perhaps even grow with you.
You inquired as to how I am connected to it, and the best place I can give you to start is to go to the very start of my blog. The first two posts explain why the Rauhine has become my Turangwaewae - or "place to put one's feet", and also, in the second post, a brief history of the Ruahine and the Maori association with it.
Well, thus endeth the lesson. I appreciate your interest. 0nly a generation ago the language was in grave danger of becoming extinct, but a lot of perserverance by, in my opinion, Maori heroes, revived it, kept it alive, and today are making it a vibrant part of Kiwi culture. Tika waimarie! Tee ka why marie - Good luck!

Michelle said...

Love the pretty!

Fondue was so fun, thanks for the invite!

Marie said...

I love that shot! You can't be a good photographer without being a good observer...

Hey, It's Ansley said...

I love the way you described it, "the fingers curled around each other in a comfortable way that familiarity gives." I long for that feeling. The beginning of a relationship is all worrying about whether he is going to kiss you, are you going to hold hands in public yet, etc. So stressful. Although I would be OK with even that right now!