Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Woman's Right to Shoes

One of my favorite episodes from Sex and the City is "A Woman's Right to Shoes." It's my favorite for many reasons. First and foremost, the episode contains the most beautiful pair of shoes that I could ever hope to have in real life. Many of you know me, I'm not the materialistic type, but there is something wonderful about shoes that I will just never be able to get enough of...maybe because no matter what you've eaten, you're always the same size in shoes!

My sister and I watched this episode last night, and I got on ebay, just to see what Manolo Blahniks there were on there, and if they even made them in a size ten. To my utter astonishment, someone was selling a pair of the shoes pictured above, in a size ten, and they were only $500.00. That's right, just $500.00...I know for a fact that they were only $485.00 in the episode where Carrie wears them. I looked at them and tried to reason in what situation I could actually justify spending my hard earned money on a pair of shoes like that. I thought, maybe if I win an Oscar? Maybe if I get a Nobel Prize? Maybe as a consolation prize if all my friends get married before me....wait, that's almost already happened....ah ha! Maybe if I win the lottery? But I don't gamble....grrrrr......So you see my dilemma, there was just no feasible way of justifying such a purchase. But these shoes will haunt me until the day I die...(oh yeah, and they were selling them with the 3 inch heels (I can handle) instead of the 4 inch (I fall over)).

The other reason I love this episode is that it brings up a pretty good point about celebrating ourselves. When you are single adult, there is no real party just for you. Studying at BYU, I have gone to more Bridal showers than probably half of the world population, I have given gifts at more weddings, I have been to more baby showers than the stork, I have given gifts repeatedly, celebrated in other people's big events and it's great. I love being a part of the really big moments in the lives of those that I care for, I am not complaining about that!

But the true fact of the matter is that I sorely miss out on getting celebrated myself (as all of us singles do, I think!). I can't throw a shower about the great career I am having. There is no, "Congratulations You Didn't Marry the Wrong Man" reception I could invite people to, there is nothing to really celebrate the single life! To quote:

Carrie: So then... If I don't get married or have a baby, what? I get Bupkiss? Think about it, after graduation there is not one event that is just about you
Charlotte: We get Birthdays
Carrie: No, no, no, we all get birthdays!

And the truth of the matter.....

Carrie: The fact is, sometimes it's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes. That's why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.

(what do you think guys, enough to justify the shoes? they are less than my parents would spend on a wedding for me, that's for sure....)

Weather permitting, I am now off to go camping for the week!


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I think you should get the shoes, D'Arcy. They are beautiful and if you've been in love with them for awhile, then why not. First, though, keep looking. Look at high-end consignment shops around Salt Lake and see if you can find them. I bet you wouldn't have to spend $500 on them.

I don't think there's anything wrong with a "Hooray For Me" purchase or a "Congrats on Not Marrying The Wrong Guy" party (LOVE that idea!) :-)

And have a GREAT time camping!

Stina said...

Your post is so serendipitous! I just went to see the Sex and the City movie by myself and am about to write a post about going out on a date with myself and how much I loved it. I totally hear you on the self-celebration party. And I am all about "signs" when trying to justify a big purchase. To me, the fact that there were size 10s available and in the right heel height are two signs pointing to "Yes, buy them!"

Ruahines said...

Kia ora D'Arcy,
Have a great time camping! Enjoy nature, as John Muir wrote, "Never hurry through the rain".

arbee said...

I'm in the "get the shoes" boat too! It's not like they would be an impulse buy...if you've been wanting them since you saw them on SATC. Besides, you need something to celebrate school being out! :) Made it through another year??

p.s. I love that episode too. And I loved the movie...saw it opening weekend, but not at midnight! I'm too old for staying up late and then working... :( Oh, the ails of getting older!

Alisa said...

I LOVED this post! It is so funny and true! Celebrate!

By the way, I really need a good pair of heels. On your last post, there I was talking about how I like heels, and I own... 1 pair? Pathetic!

Sugar said...

GET THE SHOES! It isn't about materialism. It's about enjoying a special little something. We only go around once, and waiting for something like an Oscar or Pulitzer is just punishing yourself for not celebrating that it's a fabulous Tuesday and you are gonna rock the shoes!

Besides, we all know lots of people that spend at least as much on useless crap at Target. Not much celebrating there...

Marie said...

I've never understood the shoe thing, though that's a very good point that shoes always fit no matter what happens to my weight. I'm much more suckered by clothing that I think will be better noticed. "But by whom?" I must ask myself -- the shoe lovers of the world are no doubt skimming right over my new shirt and staring disapprovingly at the ratty shoes I wore yesterday and the day before and the day before.

You have given me much to consider.

As for the splurge, there's nothing wrong with celebrating, as long as it's within your means. I think we single Mormon girls should have a party to celebrate our successful compliance with this *%@!! celibacy before marriage thing. Baby showers are a celebration of the fruit of passion. We should at least get a consolation prize for our successful avoidance of STDs. You'd spend a lot more than $500 for a lifetime of herpes treatments.

Steve and Jenn Fletcher said...

I don't know who you are, Marie, but you almost made me pee my pants. You, too, D'Arce! And I have a totally different perspective on the whole baby shower/bridal shower thing. Looking back, those parties ought to more appropriately be called the My-condolences-now-that-you-are-entering-the-world-of-no-sleep--never-to-return-again-to-a-life-where-you-will-ever-have-a-need-to-wear-anything-but-Payless-sneakers-much-less-high-end-designer-heels Shower!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Ha! Steve-and-Jen, that is so true! AND don't forget the condolences to the Mom-To-Be on losing her figure (and never EVER having a flat tummy again no matter HOW many sit-ups and ab crunches she does....), and then there's the stretch marks, sagging boobs, hair that falls out, etc., etc.

See, D'Arcy, these are all EXCELLENT points.

All very CLEAR signs to BUY THE SHOES. :-)

Michelle said...

We talked about this at your house last week but I've never been much for shoes. I think I own maybe 7 pairs, tops.

With that said, I say don't get the shoes. Buy a bike instead.

Sugar said...

Does anyone else miss D'Arcy?

Michelle!! The bike AND the shoes!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Yes, I miss D'Arcy.
I'm sure she's having a blast camping though.

Michelle said...

I would like to see D'Arcy ride a bike in those shoes.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I'd like to see D'Arcy pitch a tent in these shoes.

jomama said...

yea! i want to have a celebrate d'arcy party, and not on your birthday, some other time. just about you! that would be so fun, and you could wear your new shoes...(hint hint.)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Do you feel missed? You should!
Hope you had a blast camping. :-)

D'Arcy said...

I remember writing a letter to a friend (yes, before all this email stuff became commonplace) and I said that one of the nicest feelings in the world was to go away somewhere and know that you will be missed.

I went away, didn't know I would be missed, but came home to sweet comments, dear friends, and wonderful blogs to catch up on! Thanks for missing me!!

by the way, I missed the auction for the shoes, ,but i still have high hopes! I'll get those shoes somehow!

Camping was great in the day, but the nights were so cold, my sister and I got closer than two sisters really should. I'm going to blog about this tomorrow and give you all the details!

Rowena said...

I once didn't buy a pair of 400$ shoes on sale for 200 at Loehmans. I thought about them all the time. Then I went back and found the last pair, which was in my size, and only 100$!

I bought them and take them out for weddings and the fanciest of parties...of which I attend very few.

I am glad I bought the shoes (black satin, with tiny seed beads and a strap that laces up the ankle and buckles) and am glad that I did, but I am also glad they were only a hundred.

If I had the cash for shoes like that now, I'd buy a camera.

But I'd buy something to treat myself right. :)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I remember LETTERS. Wow. Kind of sad to think that my kids probably won't experience the joy of exchanging letters (the pen-and-ink variety) with someone.

Those were special. My cousin Lucy (the one with 8 kids - she and I were very close when we were growing up)... we used to write each other letters all the time, because we lived in different states. I still remember the excitement of going to the mailbox and seeing an envelope with my name on it, and her name in the return address spot.

Hmmm... I think this topic might be blog-worthy, D'Arcy! Thanks for the "seed of inspiration", my friend! :-)

Can't wait to hear about the Camping Saga with your sister!

Got Bombshell? said...

I love that episode, too... I have had fears about people taking my shoes at parties my whole adult life. (In fact wrote a blog about this very fear not too long ago. I'm worried about ending up in Crocs!) And I echo Carrie resolutely, "but THIS is an OUTFIT!"
Also, feel ya on the gift thing. I have considered registering for Christmas before.

Gustav said...

Dear D'Arcy

I trust you had a great time camping under the stars. I have been working in the corporate cage in big cities.

I look forward to the next blog about your trip.

As to shoes I must say I am a bit of an admirer of women, their feet and their shoes.

Shoes certainly create messages or statements about the wearer. It would be interesting to view different shoes on women and see what those messages are from the male and female point of view.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

D'Arcy, I just tagged you. Come to my blog for details. :-)

Hey, It's Ansley said...

They are BEAUTIFUL!!! It seems like they are your density if they are your size, the right heel height, and on eBay right after seeing that episode.

And we are single, work hard, and are at a point in our lives where our married friends say how jealous they are of us for our fun single lives. Well then, you should live it so they really do have a reason to be that jealous!